About The Faculty - Activities

The faculty awards B.Sc degrees, both general and honors, in six specializations: Economics, Applied Statistics and Demography, Business Administration, Accounting and Financing, Rural Development, Political Science and International Relations. The students are instructed through: lectures, seminars, computer lab sessions and assignments. In accordance with the rural based philosophy, the economics and rural development departments encourage the students to design and apply village training programs done by specialized academic societies under the supervision the society supervisor in coordination with involved departments and faculty administration. The program extends to at least a week during which the students communicate with villagers through awareness raising module. This module includes lectures, cultural aspects, and group discussions in addition to, gathering information about a specified problem facing the area for a scientific research purposes. From the above it is clear that the role of the students in improving the lives of rural and the local societies, which provide important, link it with the scientific content which they receive in the lectures’ room.