Population Studies Center

The Center was established in 1980 with a loan to carry out research and studies in the field of population studies, especially population issues, statistics, development and reproductive health. Participating in the implementation of these programs are professors from the Departments of Statistics, Development, Demography and Rural Development in addition to faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine

- 1/Conducting research at the level of postgraduate studies in the fields of different centers
- 2/Designing and implementation of training courses in the relevant fields of the Center
- 3/ Establishment of seminars, workshops and seminars in the field of population studies to serve the community.
- 4/Creating relations with regional and global organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund.


""Prepare and qualify students at the graduate level and linking them to research in the fields of statistics, population, development and reproductive health." Population Studies Center"

Population Studies Center


""Formulate and organize graduate programs in the field of population, development and related fields to encourage students to join the fields of scientific research. And develop their abilities and qualify them to contribute to the sustainable development of the state. As well as raising the qualifications by attracting the largest number of undergraduate students to qualify for a master and doctorate degrees in the fields of statistics, population and development, reproductive health and other related fields. ""

Population Studies Center

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