Master of Population, Development and Reproductive Health
Master of Science in Demography, Population and Development or Population, Development and Reproductive Health Research only.
Doctoral Philosophy in Population Statistics, Population Studies, Population and Development, Population, Development and Reproductive Health Research only.

Population Studies Center

Phone: 0905602070

The Center was established in 1980 with a loan to carry out research and studies in the field of population studies, especially population issues, statistics, development and reproductive health. Participating in the implementation of these programs are professors from the Departments of Statistics, Development, Demography and Rural Development in


The center was established in 1985 next to Gezira Tower in Wad-Medani, in the name of Training and Information Centre. The following rotate the administration: Dr. Abdullah Al-Khadir, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Dr. Malik Al-Naeem, Dr. Fadil Timan Idris, Dr. Kamal El-Din Hassan Ibrahim and Dr. Mamoun Yassin Badawi. In 2012 the name of the Center cha

Master of Science in Microfinance Research only
PhD in Microfinance

The Center has established in 2012 concerned with research and studies related to microfinance. The interest of the state with financing programs that encourages the establishment of these centers. The Center is interesting with studying the problems that limit such activities and submitting proposals for their solution.