Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance was established with the establishment of the Faculty in 1975 with the name “”Department of Accounting” but it was changed to “Department of Accounting and Finance” in 1988. The first head of the Department was Dr. Refaat Ahmed Abdul Karim, followed by Dr. Abduleradi Ashra Mero, then Dr. Taha Al-Tayeb Ahmad, Dr. Abdullah Alkhader Abdullah, Dr. Sayed Abbas Ahmed, Dr. Mohammad Alamin Taj-Alasfia who is the current head. The academic programmes started with undergraduate degree(honor) and postgraduate programme starting with postgraduate Diploma in accounting and finance in 1991 (18 Batches until now), followed by the Master's programme in accounting and finance in 1995 (15 batches until now). The Department carried out Master’s of Science in accounting and finance outside Sudan within the foreign postgraduate programmes carried out by the University in Yemen, 1996 (one batch) in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology in Sanaa, Jordan 2000 (one batch) in cooperation with Alshaam Foundation for University Services, Saudi Arabia 2001 (two batches in Jeddah and one in Riyadh) in cooperation with Development Cadres Institute. The Department has begun the postgraduate programmes (Master’s and PhD) by research since the establishment of the Faculty in cooperation with the Bureau of the General Auditor of the Republic of Sudan. The Department prepared programmes for Intermediary Diploma in Accounting and Finance (6 semesters) in 1996. The curricula of the Master’s and postgraduate Diploma have been revised twice. The Department also executed on-site training programmes Al-Rahad agricultural Institution in (Fow city), New Halfa Agricultural Institution in (New Halfa City), Gezira Scheme in (Barakat) General Organization for irrigation and digging (Medani), and Savings and Social Development Bank (Medani). The Department also carried training sessions in the university buildings for accountants in the Gezira Project, Trade Unions of Gezira State and the employees of the Financial Management at the University of Gezira. A project for training two teacher assistant in Al-Hilaleya was also carried out. The Department of Accounting and finance includes two specializations: Accounting and Finance. The main concerns of the Accounting specialization include financial accounting, accounting of public sector, auditing, cost accounting, administrative accounting, information systems accounting, tax and Zakaa accounting and accounting of banks and insurance companies. While the main concerns of the specialization of finance include: areas of financial management, finance of institutions, financial institutions and investment.

- The following are the general and specific objectives of the accounting and finance approach General goals: -Qualification and preparation of students at the bachelor level in accounting and finance in the field of accounting or finance. -Providing the student with adequate scientific knowledge related to his field of specialization. -Practical training for the student in order to provide him/her with the required professional abilities and skills in his field of specialization. -Developing the student's knowledge and practical abilities that qualify him to serve the issues and develop the society. Developing the student's ability to self-learn and follow up developments and local, regional and international developments in his /her field of specialization. Special objectives: -The curriculum aims to qualify and prepare a graduate who is able to: Application of accounting systems and methods of financing institutions. -Keeping accounting books and records, and carrying out accounting work including preparing, organizing and closing accounts. -Analysis of financial statements with a view to providing financial information that helps in making appropriate Economic decisions. -Applying and dealing with different financing methods in their traditional and Islamic frameworks. -Carrying out accounting and financing activities in various Economic institutions and entities. -Learning and self-employment in the field of accounting or financing of various Economic activities.


"To build the financial and accounting capacity at the levels of undergraduate studies, postgraduate programmes, scientific research and community service."

Accounting and Finance


"Preparing and qualifying financial and accounting frameworks at undergraduate and postgraduate level through accounting and finance. Continuing development of educational, training and research programs in line with local, regional and international standards in order to satisfy the labor market and promote development and social welfare. Raising the efficiency of the services provided to the community in the financial and accounting field through training, consultation and scientific research."

Accounting and Finance

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