The Department of economics was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development in 1975. The department received the first batch in 1978, the time when the University of Gezira received its first batch. The Department has carried out several programmes: Bachelor's degree (general) in Economics, Bachelor degree (honour) in economics from which (32) batches were graduated and now work in different institutions in and outside Sudan. The Department also grants technical Diploma in economics and banking Studies, postgraduate diploma in Economics, Master of Science in Economy Development in both Arabic and English which is considered the first Master programme to be carried out in the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development and finally PhD in Economics. The Department has had a number of successive heads: Dr. Ali Abdul Qadir Ali, Dr. Altahir Mohammed Nour, Pro. Mohammad Hassan Ibrahim Birreima, Prof. Hatim Amir Mahran, Dr. Safiat Ali Sabur Ali, Dr. Hanaa Mahmoud Seed Ahmed, Dr. Kamal Addin Hassan Ibrahim, Dr. Omar Ahmed Sayed Dr. Ghada Mohamed Awad Yousif, and Dr. Youssef Al Bashir Mohamed Nuweiri who has been the head of the Department since September 2013.

- General Objectives: -Develop frameworks capable of formulating Economic policies and plans to promote the Sudanese Economy. -Providing the students with the basic knowledge necessary to carry out Economic studies and researches. -Developing students' abilities to assess the impact of global and regional changes on the Economies of different countries in general and on the Sudanese Economy in particular. Special objectives (qualities of graduate) -The undergraduate curriculum in the Department of Economics aims to qualify and prepare a graduate capable of -Preparation of studies and Economic research. -Work in various sectors related to the Economy. -Developing students' abilities to assess the impact of global and regional changes on the Economics of different countries in general and the Sudanese Economy in particular. -Predicting trends in Economic indicators and how to plan them.


"The aspiration of the Department of economics is to qualify researchers who are able to analyze and interpret the economic changes and developments in the world in general and in Sudan in particular in order to be updated with such changes in the labor market and propose solutions to the problems of the Sudanese economy as well as the problems economy in general. The Department also issues relevant researches and studies to the economic situations as well as assisting decision makers in forming effective economic policies to solve the economic problems facing the Sudanese society."



"Preparing and qualifying specialized cadres in the field of Economy capable of competing and contributing effectively to meet the needs of the society and enrich knowledge through education, scientific research and international cooperation in accordance with local and international quality standards."


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