Rural Development

The Department of Rural Development was established with the establishment of Faculty of Economics and Rural Development in 1975. The Department received the first Batch in 1978 with the admission of the first batch at the university. The Department has executed rural development programme at the Bachelor level, community development at the intermediary Diploma level and rural development program at Bachelor, Postgraduate Diploma and PhD levels. The heads of the Department successively: Mr. Mohammed Idris Nour, Mr. Abu- Obaidah Abdul Gadir and Dr. Habeeb Adam Suleiman. The current head of the Department is Dr. Safia Ibrahim Mohammad.

- Objectives Rural development is defined as an integrated strategy to improve the economic and social life of rural communities. It is based on four basic dimensions, including the Economic, the social, the environmental and the human dimension. The main fields of interest include: To achieve sustainable economic capable to growth and development, especially in the agricultural field. Achieving social justice and reducing poverty, and narrowing the gap between rural and urban areas. Develop rural people to become more capable, receptive and understanding of work. Optimal exploitation of human, physical and natural resources in the countryside without negative impacts on the environment. The following are the general and specific objectives of the Rural Development Division's approach: General objectives: Qualifying and preparing the student at the bachelor level (Distance Learning) in the field of rural development. Providing students with scientific knowledge in various fields related to rural development, including Sociology of Development, Introducing to Rural Development and Planning, Social Welfare Policies, Microeconomics, Community Health, Community Development and others. Developing the knowledge and practical abilities of the student who qualify him to serve the causes, development and improvment of society. Development of the student's abilities(Bachelor- Distance Learning( in the fields of planning, implementation and analysis of applied scientific research in the fields of multi-rural development. Special objectives (qualities of graduate): The curriculum aims to qualify and prepare a graduate who is able to: Applying the principles of rural development, including planning and implementation, with a view to promoting and developing rural communities. Predicting issues, problems and needs of rural development. Work in professional sectors related to rural development, including governmental institutions, civil society organizations and voluntary organizations. Work in the preparation of scientific studies and research related to rural development. Learning and self-employment in rural development activities.

- fields of work after graduation Students of the Rural Development Department and its graduates work in various voluntary organizations inside and outside the Gezira state. The University graduates also qualify for various jobs if they have the opportunity. Some of the graduates of the department worked in various departments and ministries, such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Electricity and the Land Authority.


" To achieve the highest scientific and sustainable distinction in the fields of teaching, scientific research and indulging in the rural community in order to study and solve its problems, and benefit from its potentials and integrate them the development process."

Rural Development


"Participate actively in the economic and social development of Sudanese society in general and rural society in particular by focusing on Gezira state through the following: 1/Preparing and qualifying graduates who are ethically and professionally distinguished in the field of rural development. 2/ Increase the number and scope of research related to rural communities and improve their quality. 3 / To provide outstanding service to the community, and rural communities in particular, in all their forms of applied projects, training or consultations."

Rural Development