Applied Statistics and Demography

The Department of Applied Statistics and Demography was established in 1992, as a result of the cooperation between the Center of Population Studies and the United Nations Population Activities, and affiliated to the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development. It was the first Department in the Sudanese universities to grant Bachelor's degree (General/Honor) in Applied Statistics and Demography. The admission of the first Batch was in 1992 (Batch eleven), so far, 17 Batches have been graduated from the Department most of them work at statistical and demographic institutions and about more than thirty-five graduates as teacher assistant, lecturers and professors in different universities inside and outside Sudan. Three heads successively work in the Department: Dr. Abdel Halim Al Bashir al-Faroq, then Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mahfouz, and Mr. Essam Omar Fadul. Many programmed have been passed: the Bachelor's degree, postgraduate studies and intermediary diplomas, and a number of offices have been prepared for the teaching staff.

- The field of applied statistics and demography is concerned with the provision of statistical data, Information and indicators on Social, Economic and demographic variables for sound development planning.The field of applied statistics and demography deals with inventory operations, data collection, graphical and quantitative analysis of information, the development of statistical hypotheses and tests. Drawing conclusions and decision-making; as well as population studies, population and development. General objectives: -Qualifying and preparing students at the bachelor level in applied statistics and demography. -Providing the student with scientific knowledge related to the field of statistical and demographic work, including statistical inference, Applied Statistics, Biostatistics, Informal Statistics, Population studies, population and development, basic demography, reproductive health, survey methods, data analysis methods, demographic estimates and statistical quality control. -Developing the student's knowledge and practical abilities that qualify him/her to serve the issues and develop the society. -Developing students' abilities to self-learn and follow Updates and developments in the field of Applied Statistics and Demography. - students' abilities in planning and implementing scientific research related to applied statistics and demography Special objectives (qualities of graduate:) The curriculum aims to qualify and prepare a graduate who is able to: Application of statistical and demographic measures in data analysis. Assist in designing and evaluating strategic plans in all fields. Develop, formulate and implement appropriate policies in the fields of statistics and population. Work in all institutions, bodies and organizations related to his /her field of specialization. Assist in the planning and evaluation of scientific research in all applied scientific fields. Learning and self-employment in the fields of applied statistics and demography.

- 1- Civil register.
2- Companies.
3. Banks
4. Population studies
5- Working in research, information and studies centers.
6. Statistical expert.
7. Data Analyst.
8. Hospitals


"Aspiration to graduate creative students who are able to use statistical and demographic methods related to statistical and demographic areas to enable them to compete locally, regionally and globally especially in the fields of applied statistics and demography."

Applied Statistics and Demography


"Responding to the need of the community in providing distinctive and effective Educational programs to achieve the aspirations of the development plans of society and the correct and continuous orientation to improve these programs and scientific research."

Applied Statistics and Demography