Political Science and International Relations

To accomplish the steady development of the Faculty of Economy and Rural Development, Department of Political Science and International Relations, as an integral part within the Faculty, forms a real scientific complement with the other scientific Departments. Putting into consideration the important role of the University through its faculties and departments, in order to contribute to the development of the society and solving its problems. Furthermore, we understand the importance of the integration between the Faculty’s different departments, and the close relationship between the Political Science and International Relations with the other Department in the Faculty.

- Objectives: It stems from the general guidelines of the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development in addition to the objectives of specialization as follows: First: short term objectives: To promote and develop the faculty through the addition of the specialization of political science and international relations to develop new academic tracks that qualify the student intellectually and practically and refine his experiences of political knowledge at different levels and interactions. Developing thinking for students so that they have the ability to present and evaluate value knowledge in the current global situation. Qualifying students scientifically and professionally to work in organizations and institutions related to specialization. Developing critical and creative thinking by addressing the problems of political reality at local, regional and global levels, and contributing to their analysis and the search for logical solutions. Formulating curricula and programs that are consistent with national specificities and interact positively with regional and international influences. Developing research that identifies problems related to political applications in Arab, African and Islamic societies. Second: Long term objectives : Utilizing knowledge and skills in the service of society to cope with the nature of transformations, especially policy in Sudanese society. Contribute to the development of the general features of the state policy through research outputs and specialized studies. Provide the Sudanese society with political experts and cadres who combine the overall vision and political science that suits contemporary reality and its complex and interrelated problems. Introducing the reform approaches offered by different cultural perspectives to deal with crises and political issues. With answers and explanations of the complicated issues in politics. -To provide advanced knowledge of "scientific accumulation in sub-disciplines within the science of politics" through scientific research. The formation of a school of the political scientific community. Developing methods of cooperation between similar institutions and promoting cooperation from the level of individuals to the level of institutions. -Reconnecting political and social sciences with the human rights and Islamic values, especially the value of justice. -Deepening national affiliation without any ideological orientation. -Raising awareness of the issues of the nation and its appropriation in the curricula of political science. Third: The structure of the program: The department takes into consideration the level of development reached by political science departments in the advanced universities in the world and follows the scientific departments in the faculty regarding to the university and faculty liabilities and follows the course system: Political Science course International Relations Course Fourth: Teaching methods: The Department offers its program through the curriculum and through the various scientific activities and quantitative methods in teaching and continuous contact with the institutions and sectors of society through research and field visits and simulation models.


" Radiate as a distinguished knowledgeable identity in political science specializations in all academic and community programmes, to become in the lead of the local, regional and international Departments. The department adopted the highest standards of quality in the field of academic programmes, research activities and working to attract qualified cadres and holding scientific partnerships with relevant institutions"

Political Science and International Relations


"To deal with the scientific and future vision of the needs of the country in the fields and disciplines of political science and contribute to the rehabilitation of specialized cadres capable of conducting research, studies and community development."

Political Science and International Relations

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