Doctoral dissertations ending

"Factors Affecting Survival of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in National Cancer Institute - Sudan (2006-2015)"

" Overall Survival of Childhood Leukemia :ACase Study of Patients admitted to the National Cancer Institute , Wad Madani , Sudan 2006-2012 "

Statstical Optimization and Socio- economic and Cultural Correlates of Reproductive Health Cmmodity Distribution in Gezira State, Sudan ,(2013-2014)

Socio-economic and Demographic Correlates of HIV/AIDS in Wad Medani City, Sudan, 2012

The contribution of Women's Informal Works to Poverty Alleviation in Gazira State, Sudan 2013.2015

The Impact of Area Development Schemes in Rural Sheikan Locality, North Kordufan Sudan 3009,2013

Kenana Tribe and Processes of Internal migration Socioeconomic and Development consequences. 2003.

The Socioeconomic Impact of Microfinance on the clients: A case Study of the savings and Social Development: Branches in Gezira state, Sudan (2011-2013).