Quality Unit and self Calendar

The Quality and Accreditation Committee was established in accordance with the decision of the senate Council No. 184 dated December 27, 2009 which aims to highlight the efforts exerted by the higher education staff to raise the level of the educational product from the efforts that necessitated the implementation of a set of standards and specifications required by combining efforts of all workers with minimal effort And in order to achieve the educational goals and fill the need of the labor market of qualified cadres scientifically. The quality and accreditation committee were amended according to the recommendation of the Quality Management and Accreditation Meeting No. (1/2014). The functions of the Quality and Accreditation Committee relate to the follow-up and implementation of the quality plans in the college in order to enhance the quality of the scientific and accreditation of the educational science in the university. Periodic follow-up programs have been established to ensure the quality and accreditation standards, which are represented in the university performance evaluation form. Quality control of educational components, including university students, university infrastructure, curricula, teaching staff, academic research. Follow up the database related to the faculty. Any other tasks assigned to the Committee by the Quality and Accreditation Department of the Presidency of the University to ensure the enhancement of Scientific and Educational quality in the future.

- 1 / Promoting the culture of quality and its mechanisms at the faculty.
- 2- Improving the educational outcomes of the students in the faculty.
- 3 / Establishing a database for all educational programs and study decisions which provided by the faculty.
- 4 - Proposing general policies for evaluating performance and quality assurance in the departments, centers and units of the faculty.


""Seek the highest levels of excellence and sustainability in the areas of teaching and research, and community service adopting renewable standards of academic and institutional quality work to ensure academic and training, research, and administrative software quality, and activating the role of departments and configured for self-evaluation, at the local and regional level can the university have access to academic and institutional external dependence. ""

Quality Unit and self Calendar


""Actors participating in achieving economic and social development in the Sudanese society in general and the rural community, in particular, with a focus on the state of the island and therefore the following: 1 to prepare and qualify students and graduates distinct ethically and professionally in multiple areas of society. Increase the numbers and areas of basic and applied research of innovative and quality in all areas Ansaleh by the community order. to provide outstanding service to the community in all its forms of application projects, training or consulting. " Quality Unit and self Calendar"

Quality Unit and self Calendar

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