The unity of Informatics

The website of the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development follows to the web site of University of Gezira and the increasing interest with web site in the faculty to keep pace with the rapid changes in the world. The internet and websites became an indispensable element in the administration of Institutions and Universities

- 1 / Publishing all publications of the economic and social sector magazine.
- 2 / Dissemination of scientific contributions by professors and graduates of the Faculty of Economics.
- 3 / Covering the scientific conferences and activities which the Faculty participates.
- 4 / Publishing all the announcements, lecture schedules, examination schedules and student evaluation.
- 5/Publishing the results of the student’s faculty.
- 6 / Answering the inquiries and requests received by the faculty.


""We are trying to make the website of the college is the main reference for all students and graduates in all matters relating to their scientific and practical aspects and cover all service aspects that facilitate access to information and to answer all requests from all over the world and the short time process.""

The unity of Informatics


""Contribute effectively to meet the needs of the community and enrich the knowledge of the college and the dissemination of everything related to the college.""

The unity of Informatics

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