Academic Programs - Undergraduate

Bachelor of Science (General / honor) in Applied Statistics

Admission requirements:

The student must meet the admission requirements as determined by the admission regulations at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The study period:

4-5 years

Degree conferred:

The University, represented by its faculty of professors, is awarded a Bachelor of Science (General) in Applied Statistics and Demography for students with a cumulative average of 2.00 and above after successfully completing the eight-semester course. The University, represented by its faculty of professors, awards the Bachelor of Science degree (Honors) in Applied Statistics and Demography for students with a cumulative average of 2.00 and above after successfully completing the ten-course course.

Semester: - 1

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic(Language Skills)2(0+2)UAR10
Introductory Skills2(2+0)UEN11
Basics ofComputer3(4+1)UCS13
Basics of Economics3(3+0)DEC101
Basics of Social Sciences2(0+2)DRD110
Basics of Political Sciences3(3+0)DPS106
Basic Matmematics3(2+2)DSD120

Semester: - 2

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic(Writing and Arts of Expression)2(0+2)UAR20
English(Language In Use)2(2+0)UEN21
Sources of Islamic Knowledge2(2+0)UIS12
Linear Algebra3(2+2)DSD171
Basics of Management3(3+0)DBA166
Descriptive Statistics3(2+2)DSD170
Basic of Microeconomics3(2+2)DEC150

Semester: - 3

Course NameHoursCourse code
English (Register in Focus)2(2+0)UEN31
Arabic (dictionaries and Terminology)2(2+0)UAR30
Goals of Islamic Shariaa2(2+0)UIS22
Population Studies3(2+2)DSD220
Basics of Financial Accounting3 (0+3)DAF101
Basics of Macroeconomics3(2+2)DEC203

Semester: - 4

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic (Applied Texts)2(2+0)UAR40
Sudan Economy3(3+0)DEC251
Statistical Inference3(2+2)DSD270
Computer Applications3(4+1)DSD271
Probability Theory(0+3)3DSD213
English (Professional Skills)2(2+0)UEN41
Jurisprudence of Economic Transactions2(2+0)DAF261

Semester: - 5

Course NameHoursCourse code
Probability Distributions3(2+2)DSD324
Formal Demography3(2+2)DSD325
Applied Statistics3(2+2)DSD326
Programming Techniques3(4+1)DSD327
Surveys Methods3(2+2)DSD328

Semester: - 6

Course NameHoursCourse code
Analysis of Linear Regression3(2+2)DSD374
Theory of Linear Regression(0+3)3DSD310
Reproductive Health(0+3)3DSD312
Analysis of Demographic Data3(1+4)DSD377
Nonparametric Statistics3(2+2)DSD378
Biostatistics &epidemics3(2+2)DSD379
Demographic Methods3(2+2)DSD380

Semester: - 7

Course NameHoursCourse code
Sampling Techniques3(2+2)DSD430
Population and Development3(2+2)DSD431
Applied Linear Models3(2+2)DSD432
Linear Progamming3(2+2)DSD433
Statistical Estimation Theory3(2+2)DSD434
Statistical Quality Control3( 0+3)DSD315
Statistical Packages3(1+4)DSD436

Semester: - 8

Course NameHoursCourse code
Operations Research2(2+1)DBA312
Mathematical Demography3(2+2)DSD480
Method of Data Analysis3(1+4)DSD481
Time Series Analysis3(2+2)DSD482
National Income Accounts3(2+2)DSD483
Research Methods3(2+2)DSD484

Semester: - 9

Course NameHoursCourse code
Demographic Estimation3(2+2)DSD530
Stochastic Processes3(2+2)DSD531
Mathematical Statistics3(2+2)DSD532
Quantitative techniques3(1+4)DSD533
Design and Analysis of Experiments3(2+2)DSD534
Theory of Decisions3(2+2)DSD535

Semester: - 10

Course NameHoursCourse code
Multivariate Analysis3(2+2)DSD580
Geographical Information Systems3(2+2)DSD581
Nonlinear Regression Models3(2+2)DSD582
Applied Demographic Models3( 0+3)DSD314
Graduation Project6(4+4)DAF599