Academic Programs - Affiliation directed distance education

Bachelor of Science (General) in Economics

Admission requirements:

The student must meet the admission requirements as determined by the admission regulations at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The study period:

Four years

Degree conferred:

The University, represented by its faculty of professors, is awarded the Bachelor of Economics (distance learning) degree for students with a cumulative average of 2.00 and above after successfully completing the four-year curriculum.

Semester: - 1

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic Language3(0+3)UAR110
English (1)2(0+2)UEN111
Basics of Social Sciences2(0+2)DRD110
Basics of Financial Accounting3 (0+3)DAF101
Basics of Economics2(0+2)DEC110
Basics of Computer(2+1)2UCS112
Basics of Political Sciences(0+2)2DPS110
Basic Mathematics(2+2)3DEC111
Basics of Management(0+3)3DBA101

Semester: - 2

Course NameHoursCourse code
Sudanese Studies2(0+2)USS14
English Language (2)2(0+2)UEN211
Money and Banking3(0+3)DEC213
Sources of Islamic Knowledge and Goals of Shariaa2(0+2)UIS22
General Statistics(0+2)2DSD201
Microeconomics (1)(2+2)3DEC210
Optimization in Economics(2+2)3DEC211
Macroeconomics (1)(2+2)3DEC212

Semester: - 3

Course NameHoursCourse code
Jurisprudence of Economic Transactions(0+2)2DAF310
International Economics3(0+3)DEC314
Development Economics3 (0+3)DEC313
Econometrics3 (2+2)DEC312
Financial Institutions3(0+3)DAF311
Mathematical Economics(2+2)3DEC310

Semester: - 4

Course NameHoursCourse code
Contemporary Economic Issues3 (0+3)DEC413
Labour Economics3 (0+3)DEC415
Financial Markets3 (0+3)DEC416
Development Planning and Project Appraisal3 (2+2)DEC411
Public Economics3 (0+3)DEC414
Research Methods(2+1)2DSD410
Sudan Economy( 0+2)2DEC410
Macroeconomics (2)(0+3)3DEC412